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Back-Office Accounting in Lake Worth

Running a successful business requires passion and skill to deliver a service or product efficiently. Too often, internal operations hamper a business owner’s productivity. Accounting and bookkeeping, as essential as they are, don’t require the same investments as the rest of the business when an expert takes care of them. 

Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC teams up with business owners in Lake Worth to oversee their back-office accounting needs. This means tasks such as bookkeeping and payroll are thoroughly reviewed, allowing owners to focus on building the business. Priscilla Thomasevich, CPA, and her staff are passionate about working with owners in expanding their operations. 

Back-Office Services for Enhancing Functionality  

Our mission is to effectively streamline internal functions, so owners spend as little time as possible attending to them. We supervise the staff that manages your accounts, elevating the quality of their work, and addressing the elements that are impacting workflow. This offers many benefits to businesses, including minimized errors, precise bookkeeping, and secure compliance. 

With our team supporting your existing accounting staff, businesses gain a higher level of stability. We offer our assistance to the following industries, and many more: franchises, construction, real estate, property management, restaurants, retail, consulting, legal, and insurance.

Automated Bill Payment with Full Control of Your Funds

Do you want to pay your bills yourself to keep control of your funds but you never seem to have the time? We can process your vendor payments for you with an online bill payment application that saves everyone time, while still ensuring that only you can authorize funds from leaving your bank account. The automated bill payment system allows you to view invoices that we enter, and authorize payment of each bill right from your smartphone or computer. The single-entry system sends payment information to your bank for you and can also sync the payables information directly with QuickBooks so all three platforms are updated from one single place. This is a must-have for any busy business owner who wants to maintain control but give up the burden.

Providing Expertise Customized to Your Business

Our approach is tailored to the structure, size, and industry of the client’s venture. This customization begins with a consultation, where we take the time to know the business, who runs it, and how we can help. We build a plan to resolve the back-office functions and re-tool the strategy as necessary. If compliance is the primary concern, we will address it. When payroll isn’t operating correctly, we correct it. 

Priscilla and our team are quick to find areas for improvement and communicate how greater efficiency can be achieved to reduce errors, save money, and free your time.  

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We provide the personal assistance and practical insight businesses need to achieve efficient accounting function. To see how your Lake Worth CPA can help you, contact Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC. Your first consultation is free!

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