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Outsourced CFO Support in Lake Worth

A chief financial officer is an executive who manages the accounting department and assists with the business’ financial decisions. In order to fill an executive position in your company, you do not have to spend six figures or more. Instead, you can hire Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC for outsourced CFO services. You get the same support on a recurring, part-time basis, thereby cutting the cost down drastically.

Who Needs an Outsourced CFO?

Most companies that seek an outsourced CFO are medium-sized or larger, have undergone a period of sudden growth, or are in a state of transition. However, any business can benefit from having a part-time or full-time chief financial officer. This situation is especially true if an accountant or business executive has recently left the staff. An outsourced CFO will both coordinate the coverage of daily functions and assist with making larger financial decisions. 

As your outsourced CFO, Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC fulfills these responsibilities on an interim basis until you are ready to hire a full-time officer. We can even operate on a shorter basis, serving in this role for a single project or transaction. Our firm has the experience to complete debt covenant calculations, prepare quarterly reports to comply with lending agreements, and handle the due diligence behind a business acquisition, merger, or sale.

Why Not Rely on a Bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper, or even an accountant who is not providing executive-level support, is still a critical part of the company’s financial operations. An in-house bookkeeper knows how to track your company assets for accurate reporting. However, their expertise is not in answering complex questions about business financing, financial reporting requirements, or sensitive business transactions. You may need additional assistance to interpret and comply with debt covenants or to prepare loan packages to acquire new financing. We can also assist you with cash-flow management to make sure your current or prospective cash flow will provide adequate debt service in the future. 

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Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC provides outsourced CFO services in Lake Worth. We help your business grow through sound accounting and financial advice. Call and schedule a consultation today to see how we can help you.

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