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How Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC Helps New Businesses in Lake Worth

Our specialty is helping businesses grow. From selecting an entity to advising on internal operations, we provide the expertise and knowledge new business owners need to make their ideas a reality. Priscilla Thomasevich, CPA, gets to know clients, their businesses, and their goals and personalizes the business formation process to meet each client’s needs. Our Lake Worth firm understands how important a business is to its owners, and we apply the same amount of care as if it were our own. 

If you’re looking for a teammate in forming your venture and require assistance with the startup process, consider Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC. 

Taking the Guesswork Out of Starting a Business

Whether you are just learning about business for the first time, or are working on building an existing opportunity, you have many decisions to make. One of the most important choices is proper entity selection. This structure provides the legal and operational framework for how the business will operate and grow. Choosing the right entity takes research, fore-knowledge of internal processes, an understanding of the owners’ intentions and long-term aspirations. 

Through one-on-one conversations, we build our understanding of your business, then match you with the options that benefit your specific income and tax position. We will help you decide between forming an LLC, incorporating your entity as a Corporation, or operating as a sole proprietorship or partnership. Next, we will determine if it will benefit you and your business to elect to be treated as an S-Corporation and the best time for the election. Our firm explains the benefits and weaknesses of each choice as clearly as possible.  

Getting You on Your Feet

After you have formed your company, you will have many more aspects to consider. Our team takes the time to discuss the following business concerns with you: 

Accounting Processes
Payroll and Payroll Tax
Sales Tax 
Paying Yourself from Your Business 
Capital Contributions and Distributions
Tax Strategy and Planning
Income Tax Compliance 

In addition to advising you on solutions, we also perform the work to fulfill these functions. Our CPA customizes our services according to your needs and supplies constant support. 

Contact Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC for Entity Structuring and Business Advice

Priscilla and her Lake Worth team are passionate about helping business owners succeed. We provide a human touch to business while also delivering reliable expertise. We are your ally, from launching your company to achieving many years of increasing profits. 

Let us help you succeed by getting your new business off to a good strong start. Please complete the form below to learn more about our New Business Formation Services.

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