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Payroll is one of the core functions of every business. Yet, most owners of small and medium-sized businesses struggle to find the right people and approach to properly manage this role. If you find yourself in this bind, Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC can take care of it through our professional payroll services. 

Finding the Right Payroll Provider

The first problem is finding the right company to record your employee hours. There are several timecard and payroll systems available, and knowing which one to trust can be challenging.

We remove the guesswork. Our firm helps you set up and maintain your company’s payroll and taxes. Your employees can record their hours into the system, and you can easily review and manage their time cards. Then, if more elaborate concerns arise, Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC is at your disposal to help you overcome these. We understand your unique needs and cater our support to those individual challenges. 

Understanding Payroll Taxes

Monthly and quarterly payroll taxes can be difficult to manage. First, you have to make sure that all employee payroll is recorded accurately. You also need to ensure you are withholding the correct amount of payroll tax from each employee. Then, you need to calculate the proper employer’s tax liability. Lastly, you have to make sure these payments and reports are sent to all tax agencies on time.

Our firm also handles any payroll questions you may have.  We lessen your burden and handle the calculations of complex payroll taxes like FICA (Federal Income Tax Withholding, Social Security, and Medicare), FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax) and SUTA (State Unemployment Tax). We can also assist in deducting pay for benefits such as insurance, 401k or SIMPLE IRA plans, employee garnishments for child support or unpaid taxes. Finally, we can help with employee expense reimbursements for mileage, moving expenses, car allowances and other fringe benefits.

Payroll Tax Notices

Once you become our client, any payroll tax notices you receive simply get forwarded to us for handling. We contact the IRS, Florida Department of Revenue, or other tax agency on your behalf and determine why you received the notice and what steps to take to correct the issue. If you owe IRS back taxes from a prior year, we can help you resolve the balance due. We are always there to make sure any tax issues get resolved as quickly as possible.

Honest, Upfront Advice

Any tiny mistake in payroll can have large repercussions. When you are facing a circumstance you think will lead to issues, you need recommendations that will guide you in the right direction. 

From tax questions to explaining compliance, Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC provides effective advice on all matters concerning payroll. For new business owners, as well as those who have not yet launched their venture, knowing the details behind proper payroll management is the difference between a successful operation and one that fails to thrive. By proactively seeking our assistance, you can make sure your company is headed toward sustainable growth from startup onward.

Contact Us for Payroll Support

Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC offers payroll services to all businesses who want to make sure they are handling employee records properly. Every company owner in and near Lake Worth can get the exact help they need in managing this and other back office functions. For more information, call us and schedule a consultation today. 

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