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Tax Services in Lake Worth, FL

For many small business owners, handling taxes is stressful. Tax laws are constantly being updated, and they apply differently to companies depending on their industry. If you do not have the financial know-how to track your income and expenses accurately, these tasks can quickly become overwhelming.

At Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC, we work with you to ensure your business’ books are accurate and tax returns are mistake-free. We serve clients in Lake Worth and the surrounding area, and have a passion for helping businesses grow and achieve success.

Benefits Of Our Services

Small business owners spend a great deal of time preparing and submitting taxes. The many layers of applicable tax laws can be a minefield to navigate.

Often, it’s often what you don’t know that can get you into trouble. A single mistake can incur significant penalties. Complicated issues such as compliance, reasonable salaries, and special allocations can all catch an owner by surprise. Let Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC be your second set of eyes. We take over your business’ tax compliance obligations and allow you to focus on your business and livelihood.

Here are some examples of common tax problems that we help small businesses avoid:

  • Underpayment of taxes – Failure to fulfill sales tax requirements or underpaying personal income tax leads to penalties and interest. These both hurt your pocketbook and stifle your company’s growth.
  • Poor record-keeping – Not only can incomplete records hurt you when it comes time to file your taxes but, in the event of an audit, you might not have the evidence to defend your deductions.

What You Get With Us

At Sawgrass Accounting & Tax, LLC, detailed and accurate tax services are at the core of our firm. We work with you throughout the year to ensure you avoid the kinds of mistakes that become hurdles down the line.

Not only are your records reviewed by our experienced CPA, but we also check our work with computer software. As part of this process, we also show you how to adjust payroll withholdings, identify possible deductions to limit your tax liability, and provide a sheet of overlooked opportunities for savings. Finally, we sit down with you in October and go over everything personally. This gives you enough time to make changes to save you money, yet late enough to see the income that you have earned.

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